"Once A Person Who Has Been Honestly Mistaken Learns The Truth, They Either Cease To Be Mistaken or They Cease To Be Honest"

Our Mission :

The mission of Global Reset Society is to offer solutions to the seemingly endless list of catastrophic challenges we face on a daily basis.

To most of us, these challenges appear to be of such massive scope and magnitude…we come to believe any efforts or solutions we put forth individually are futile at best.

We hold NO connection to, nor place any value in, man made fabrications created out of deceit which were designed to control by fear and intimidation the hearts and minds of the blindly trusting unaware of our society.

We hold NO power higher than that of our own divine connection to the one and only “Source of All Good”.

The very simple fact is…we all, individually, are endowed by our Creator…with the ability, the power, to co-create the reality we each individually choose to experience.

We know further:

when two or more are gathered in harmony…

with “Focused Intent”, Determination, Faith and Action…that these abilities are increased exponentially.

We have compiled a massive collection of facts and studies, exposing actions taken by individuals in our recent history, which have caused the vast majority of the challenges we face today.

We offer a course of action, to right these wrongs. Our action steps can be implemented by any individual, anywhere, at any time…without having to carry a sign, send a petition, or march in a rally.

We KNOW…individuals trained and experienced in the ability to use FOCUSED INTENT, FAITH and ACTION, coupled with the same action by others, can MOVE MOUNTAINS and change the direction of humankind.

Our individual skills and abilities to manifest from thought, are under attack by those wanting to suppress them in order to maintain their ability to control each and every one of us.

They are aware, when enough of us become awake, implementing our natural abilities in focused faith and action, with others of like mind and spirit…their game will stall, and soon be over.

We are a community, meeting regularly in a conference call setting…to not only share and explain our plan of action, but to implement it.

Feel free to join us and bring your friends.

Details on these calls can be found behind the Conference Call Tab of this site.

Come Join Us In Our Collective Effort To Wake Up and Take Control of Our Own Individual Rights To Live Life Freely.

Randy Matthews/Jedi1

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